Thank You!

"Christina, It is with a feeling of shameful inadequacy that I sing your praises. Having done with bewildering ease what was beyond my own skills, or even my comprehension, and with such good humor, patience, and forbearance for my seemingly bottomless digital ignorance, you inspired my confidence from our very first communication, and my respect for you and my admiration for your ability has only grown. I would like to say you are a credit to your peers, but I cannot, for – alas! – you have no peers."

Richard Platt, Author | Richard Platt

"Dear Christina, Working together to create an effective and dynamic website is in part about being able to have a good relationship with the person who is going to help present your message and image. You have been an absolutely wonderful partner in the process of expanding, re-designing and re-energizing my site and I thank you over and over again for such a fabulous job. Equal to the creative process what you have brought to my project is your willingness and ability to understand my needs and wants and translate them into something of which I am extremely pleased. Many thanks and much appreciation,"

Marcia Rosen, Author | Dying To Be Beautiful / Senior Sleuths

"Christina came along exactly when I needed her kind of skills and initiative in order to promote my novels on line. As we writers like to say: I am responsible for any limitations, but she is responsible for the design and implementation of my attractive and easy-to-access author website. She created the site with all its choices and transitions but she also taught me how to make weekly blog posts on my own. If you are interested in seeing what Christina can do, have a look at my site."

Michael Gray, Author | Michael Gray

"What a gem! Christina designed my website exactly to my taste, down to the smallest nuance of color and format. She's been an ongoing help in all aspects of social media, from managing my Facebook fan page to putting together a creative ad campaign. A great combination of artistry and technological savvy!"

Claudia Riess, Author | Claudia Riess

"Thank you for your prompt and professional service. I know I did not give you alot to work with and some how the site is exactly what I wanted. I feel that you really captured the feel we wanted. I get compliments on the site all the time. We have also noticed a steady increase in business since we have been working with you. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. It is rare to find anyone these day that understands the idea of service and I feel fortunate to have found you. Thanks – We will continue to build the site and look forward to your ideas for the future."

Matt Wagerer, Owner | Balloon Printing

"Without a hesitation or a doubt, Cetacean Designs is the best for designing your website or for social media marketing platform in the market place today. Quality services with a quality price that are extremely reasonable to the consumer without the constant waiting or hassling around with your project. I had originally went to one of the 'BIG' website companies and paid a ridiculous price without receiving the appropriate support needed in a timely manner (meaning that I needed to have these corrections immediately done). Cetacean Designs provides customers with the appropriate customization and personalization that fits your needs as well as your pocket book. Never once did I have a problem with my website ever going down or malfunctioning. Again, I highly recommend Cetacean Designs for outstanding assistance, creativity, and care."

Larry Pinsky, Author | Saving the Province

"Christina is very talented and creative, she designed a beautiful website for me and it came out better than I imagined! She is also very knowledgeable with all aspects of the the Internet and was there for me every step of the way."

Pamela Litman, Children's Book Author | Pamela Litman

"A friend suggested I contact Christina at Cetacean Designs to build a website for my new company. I'm so glad I did! Her vast knowledge and professional approach made the process an absolute breeze. Christina's creative flair and attention to detail resulted in exactly what I was looking for. Her pricing was fair, and she delivered on time. What more could one ask for?."

Roy Corso, President | Sunny Day Saunas, Inc.